Xiaomi worried about its future, its own plan B in case of the introduction of American sanctions

Recently, we wrote about “ Plan B, ” which Huawei implements after the introduction of US sanctions. But it seems that not only Huawei, but also other Chinese companies began to prepare for the worst .

What is Xiaomi

Another major manufacturer , Xiaomi, is worried about its future . And it’s not surprising, because the “ anger ” of America has already felt on itself ZTE (but it at least cost a little blood), and now it’s dissolving Huawei.

In a recent interview , Xiaomi product manager Abi Go touched on US sanctions. According to her , the disgrace of the US government is unlikely to affect Xiaomi, but, nevertheless, the company already has a backup plan.

In particular, part of the proceeds goes to local semiconductor companies, which can hedge if the road to their American colleagues is closed.

“ We are now assessing the situation. But at the moment, does not show any ” contamination effect ” . In fact, we are working intensively side by side with American companies such as Qualcomm in the field of chips or Google in the field of our products for the Internet of things ecosystem.

In any case, if in the future something will happen, at we have ” Plan B ” . Among other things, we invest a lot in several semiconductor manufacturers in China. But we believe that our business strategy is not to be due to the decisions taken by politicians. We decided to integrate the best components in our products. In addition, we are going to continue to do so in the future.

We are convinced that it is really important that we strive to deliver the maximum without worrying about what our competitors are doing. We believe that having competitors is good, because they make us try our best. Our strategy – to do what they see fit, and do as well as possible ” , – stressed Abi Guo.

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