Xiaomi is working on a smartphone with a solar battery and it does not affect the thickness of the gadget

Xiaomi has filed a patent for an unusual smartphone to the World Intellectual Property Organization .

What did you come up with

The main feature of this device is the built-in solar battery. It occupies almost the entire back panel of the smartphone. However, it does not affect the thickness of the gadget: judging by the schematic images, the main camera module protrudes even more than the battery.

By the way, the main camera here is dual with a flash located between the modules.

But in front of almost the entire area is a display with very thin frames. The front camera is not visible here : it can be assumed that it either extends or is hidden under the screen. The company is already working on such technology. The fingerprint scanner is most likely also built into the display.

While this is just a patent, whether Xiaomi decides to bring the idea to life and release the world’s first smartphone with a solar battery is still unknown.

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