Watch Apple Watch secretly eavesdropping conversations of other iPhone users, Walkie-talkie had to be disabled

In the past year, together with the operating system watchOS 5, Apple introduced a new feature for the ” smart ” watches Watch Apple – Walkie-Talkie . It allows you to communicate using your watch over a voice connection, simulating a walkie-talkie. But now the company had to disable this feature.


As it turned out, the application found a vulnerability that allowed secretly eavesdropping on conversations of other iPhone users. Apple representatives did not provide details , but stressed that so far they have not known a single case of using this vulnerability to listen to other people’s conversations.

Experts immediately eliminated the vulnerability, but Apple needs more time to fully check everything. Therefore, while the Walkie-Talkie feature is disabled: the application will remain on the clock, but will not be available.

In the near future, the company promises to release the necessary update.

Recall that in the beginning of the year a similar vulnerability was discovered in FaceTime . She also allowed to eavesdrop on conversations of other users. Apple took more than a week to fix this error.

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