US trade war with China is unlikely to lead to higher prices for Apple products - Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook gave an interview to CBS News, during which journalists asked him about the trade war between the US and China.

Apple will not suffer

Analysts are confident that the introduction of fees will lead to higher prices for Apple products. However, Tim Cook does not agree with them . According to him, the US trade war with China should not affect the company in any way , and the cost of gadgets is unlikely to increase.

“ Now the Chinese did not choose Apple as their goal. And I do not suppose it will happen, to be honest ” , – Tim Cook said.

But Tim hardly took into account the commitment of the Chinese to domestic producers. Recall, after the introduction of sanctions against Huawei in China, they staged a boycott of Apple : companies are encouraging employees who buy Huawei equipment, and Internet users are calling for abandoning iPhones.

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