Trump is willing to forgive the Chinese company Huawei, but on his own terms

US President Donald Trump, talking to reporters, admitted that with the Chinese company Huawei, they could still lift the imposed sanctions.

What says

“ Huawei is very dangerous. You look at what they did from a security point of view, from a military point of view. So it is quite possible that Huawei will even be included in some form in a trade deal. If we made a deal, I would like to introduce that Huawei may be included in some form in some part of the bargain ” , – Trump said.
A very incomprehensible speech, but the main key point is clear: the US can lift the ban in exchange for a trade deal with China. Most likely, the president wants partial cancellation of duties. It turns out that Huawei is not so and is dangerous if it ready to write off all the ” threats “.

At the same time, Donald Trump added that “ it’s too early to talk about it ” (about a trade deal with China).

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