The mysterious Samsung Neon project turned out to be an “artificial man” with the help of Core R3 technology

We recently wrote that Samsung will present a new Neon project related to artificial intelligence at CES 2020 . Now it has become known what this mysterious project is like.

What is it

As it turned out, Samsung decided to move from artificial intelligence to artificial man. The head of the Neon project, Pranav Mistri, showed one of these avatars, and they also “ uploaded ” the video taken from the source code on the Neon home page to the network .

Digital people are born with the help of Core R3 technology, which can ” create new expressions, new movements, new dialogue (even in Hindi), completely different from the original data . ” It seems that AI generates a person, studies his voice, facial expressions, movements , etc. , after which he creates his avatar. And this is not a clone, but a new virtual person.

The video shows several such ” people ” , and it is impossible to distinguish them from the real ones! How exactly this happens – most likely, Samsung will tell you tomorrow at CES.

According to Ranava Mistri, in the future such “ digital people ” will be able to replace actors, leading news, singers , etc.

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