Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 will “kill” the PS4 but not immediately, gamers will get this power in 2020

Sony has already told the first details about the PlayStation 5 and even compared the power of the console with the current generation of the “gaming station”. If analysts are right, then gamers will get this power in 2020, but players will not have to immediately throw away the PlayStation 4.

What is known

At the last speech to investors, Sony announced that it plans to support the PS4 for another three years after the release of the fifth version of the console. According to the company, the eighth generation can still maintain the interest of the audience and make a profit. In addition, Sony is still preparing exclusives for the current generation of consoles, like The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima. So the PlayStation 5 will “kill” the PlayStation 4, but only after three years.

Sony fans are unlikely to be surprised by this approach. The company has always supported the life of the “old” consoles, even after the release of new-generation consoles. For example, support for PlayStation 2 ended only in 2012, and the PlayStation 3 finally “died” only in 2017. In addition, the library of consoles replenished with new games, albeit as an exception.

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