Samsung Galaxy Fold Foldable Smartphone Re-Release In July, the developers reduced the gap between the screen and the body

It was expected that the re-launch of the first foldable smartphone the Samsung Galaxy Fold will take place in June, but in this month the restart does not happen. Now insiders call the new release dates.


Insider Mukul Sharma, referring to two reliable informants, says that the Galaxy Fold will go on sale in July.

Recall that the first test devices showed an imperfect design of a folding smartphone: the displays after several days began to fail , including due to the lack of a protective layer, which many users mistakenly took for a film.

A month ago we wrote about the fact that Samsung has managed to eliminate these problems and to correct deficiencies Galaxy Fold. According to sources, the developers reduced the gap between the screen and the body, where dust and debris could fall , and made the hinges and hinges more durable.

By the way, if the Galaxy Fold restart still be held in July, it will be released along with his main rival – Huawei’s Mate the X . The company itself does not name any exact dates .

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