PrivatBank and Mastercard gave the opportunity to Ukrainians to be the first in the world to change the design of digital cards

Privat24 users can now change the design of their cards in contactless digital wallets.

How to “paint” the map

Take advantage of the new free feature cardholders are already on Apple Pay or Google Pay. First you need to check whether the application Privat24 updated to the latest version. If not, update. After that, go to the “Menu cards”, in which is the item “Card Design”.

So far, it is possible to choose only from 10 variants of themes with the heroes of the film “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”, but soon other covers will appear. Yegor Avetisov, PrivatBank Innovation Director, says:

“I am sure that when people feel an emotional connection with the map, they will use it more often. A little later, we plan to add skins with sports, cartoons, heroes of other franchises – everything that will make using the card more pleasant and emotional. Then we will understand that a person loves and to which story he is more attached. ”

The possibility of changing the design should attract more people to contactless wallets. Indeed, it is much more pleasant to use the card with the image of your favorite character or athlete. Especially when such customization is free. Natalya Baidala, Mastercard Marketing Director in Ukraine, noted:

“We are pleased with our partners to launch a creative and exclusive project not only for the Ukrainian, but also for the global market. Personalization of the “avatars” of the cards due to the images of the heroes of your favorite comics and films is a new, unique service in the digital wallets segment. Simple, convenient and secure payment by a smartphone in one touch is like a payment art, and now we, together with partners from PrivatBank, add colors to innovations. Choose the personal hero of your contactless payments and finally switch to a cashless lifestyle.”

The collection with the characters “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” is available until August 6, 2019.

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