PlayStation 5 and PS4 owners can play together due to backward compatibility, the community can enjoy the games together

Sony plans to implement a joint multiplayer for users of the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

What is known

During the Sony Investor Relations Day 2019, the heads of the PlayStation noted that their next console will get the backward compatibility feature. Thanks to this gamers with PS5 will be able to play online with users of PS4, and run multiplayer games for the past generation.

“Compatibility is a positive thing. The game will not only be able to run on the next generation of the console, but also play between generations – the community can enjoy the games together … due to the fact that compatibility plays a very important role, ”said John Koder, vice president of Sony Interactive Entertainment.
Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said that backward compatibility will allow the company to quickly transfer audiences to the PlayStation 5. Gamers will not have to wait for the console to expand the library of games, or when their friends will switch to the next generation.

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