OnePlus revealed a new smartphone with an "invisible camera", which will be presented at CES 2020

OnePlus also plans to visit CES 2020, where it will show the concept of a new smartphone with endangered cameras.

What is known

The company spoke about the plans on the official Twitter page , posting a teaser for the new smartphone. Concept One is a prototype that demonstrates the advanced technology that the smartphone maker is working on. Judging by the short video, the main feature of the model will be the camera module, which is hidden and appears at the request of the user.

According to Wired , to create such an effect, the manufacturer uses glass that can change color. A similar technology is already used in airplanes, as well as hatches on car roofs. The camera lenses are constantly hidden behind the glass, which changes its tone due to the supply of an electrical impulse. As a result, the lens appears when you open the camera application, and then disappears when the application is not in use.

OnePlus plans to show Concept One in Las Vegas at CES 2020, but the smartphone will not appear on store shelves any time soon. The company only finds the soil and tries to “overcome engineering problems.”

“Thanks to this approach, we will be able to produce fewer products and, taking into account the feedback from a small group of users, consider creating a more accessible device for users,” said Pete Lau, executive director of OnePlus.

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