In this year OnePlus release just three models of the flagship of the family: to the normal 8 and OnePlus OnePlus 8 Pro will join the younger OnePlus 8 Lite . Previously, insiders have already published renders of the smartphone, but now they have shown it “ live ” .

What showed

These are screenshots from the video of one of the company executives Pete Lau. On it is a box with prototypes of OnePlus smartphones, and in the foreground is the back panel of the OnePlus 8 Lite.

In contrast to the renderers, here smartphone three main camera sensor disposed vertically and flash next to them.

Insider Steve Hemmerstoffer (Steve Hemmerstoffer) has already made changes to early renders and showed images with a new camera design.

Incidentally, the image in the box next to the OnePlus 8 Lite filmed another smartphone with a ” bang ” . This is hardly the “ eight ” , as she is credited with a round neckline for the front camera, embedded in the screen. Most likely, this is some kind of old model (for example, OnePlus 6).

Recall, according to rumors, OnePlus 8 Lite will receive the OLED-screen at 6.4 or 6.5 inches with a refresh rate of 90 Hz and integrated fingerprint reader, and a glass case with the following dimensions: 159.2 × 74 × 8.6 mm. The announcement will take place in the second quarter of 2020, that is , somewhere between April and June.

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