Nintendo has issued a second-class permit, Nintendo Switch will be more powerful thanks to upgrading the processor and memory

Nintendo recently introduced Switch Lite , a simplified version of the hybrid console. Before the official announcement, there were rumors about an improved revision of the “switch”, but the “big N” has already managed to declare that this year there will not be a second new console. Yet the Nintendo Switch will get an improvement in terms of iron.

What is known

If you believe The Verge , then Nintendo has applied for the replacement of components in the Switch. The company has issued a second-class permit, which gives the right to invade the memory and SoC (system on a chip). Nintendo may be planning to upgrade the Tegra X1, which has become the “brain” of the hybrid Switch.

This is also indicated by references to the updated version of the chip in the Switch firmware, which were recently found by Digital Foundry . But do not count on the “explosion of performance”, most likely, gamers will experience a small increase in battery life and speed.

Manufacturers of game consoles have already turned like. The same Xbox 360 suffered from the “red ring of death” until Microsoft transplanted the console to a new processor. In turn, Sony increased the RAM and increased the frequency of the processor in later models of the PSP. Similar replacement of components is also done to reduce production costs.

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