Huawei has come up with a new name for its OS, in China the OS will be called HongMeng and in Europe - Harmony

Huawei continues to work on its own operating system. However, neither its name nor the release date is known yet . Different sources voiced several titles: HongMeng, Ark OS and Oak OS. Now the company came up with a more ” harmonious ” name.

What will be called

On July 12, Huawei registered the Harmony trademark with EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office). It falls into category 9 with a description: mobile operating systems; computer operating systems; Downloadable operating system software.

Perhaps, in China, the OS will be called HongMeng, and in Europe – Harmony.

Recall that the new OS will work on smartphones, tablets, computers and Internet of Things devices. They promise that it will be faster than Android and iOS . In China, the operating system must make its debut as early as this year , and on the international market – in 2020.

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