Google has demanded to the US Department of Commerce to exclude Huawei from the "black list" of the USA

Google representatives appealed to the US Department of Commerce with the requirement to delay or remove restrictions from Huawei. The reason for this was the hybrid operating system of the Chinese company.

Expected ally

As you know, Huawei issued a temporary license to operate in the United States. Its end on August 19, 2019 will oblige US firms to obtain special permission to cooperate with a scandalous company.

Google was one of the first to respond to the hype and removed Huawei smartphones from all of its sites in order to follow the new laws. However, now the search giant has made a demand to lift the restrictions or at least extend the delay. According to the Financial Times, such a decision is caused by concerns about the security of the Huawei operating system , which it has to develop without the support of Google.

“Google claims that by refusing to cooperate with Huawei, the United States runs the risk of creating two types of the Android operating system: genuine and hybrid. The hybrid is likely to have more bugs than Google. Because of this, Huawei smartphones will be more at risk of hacking, not least from China, ”the source says.

Google has already commented on the news, stressing that their goal is to ensure the security of millions of Huawei smartphones around the world.

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