Future Xiaomi smartphones will receive two batteries, Oppo has already successfully used this method

In spring, Xiaomi introduced ultra-fast charging technology with a capacity of 100 W , which allows you to charge a 4000 mAh battery in just 17 minutes. However, so far no smartphone has received such a charge (most likely due to overheating). But Xiaomi seems to have a solution to the problem.

Two is better

According to insider information, the company will install dual batteries in their smartphones. This is a battery consisting of two halves. It is this design that will allow for ultra-fast charging.

By the way, Oppo has already successfully used this method. For example, Find X and Reno Ace smartphones got dual batteries . As a result, the first supports charging with a power of 50 W, and the second model – 65 W.

What exactly is in charge Xiaomi – is still unknown, but we still look forward to reaching the next year’s flagship with support in fast charging technology 100 watts. Current models are limited to the Mi Charge Turbo with 40-watt charging.

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