C4 Camera created for those who need a camera from an iPhone but not an iPhone with interchangeable lenses

Dennis Sedov (a Russian designer who lives and works in California with Samsung and OnePlus among his clients) created a camera for those who like pictures from the iPhone camera but don’t like to give almost $ 1,000 for a phone. The C4 can be worn with the phone, which also contributes to a design similar to iPod Shuffle. The camera was equipped with five focal lenses% 13, 24, 35, 50, and 90mm. The front wheel, which is also responsible for focus and gallery navigation, allows you to switch between them.

Why is this needed?

Right in the center of the structure is a powerful flash. The main goal of the designer was to build a bridge between professional cameras with interchangeable lenses and smartphones. According to the author, C4 gives absolute freedom of photography without the need to buy an expensive phone or an even more expensive camera and interchangeable lenses for it. While the device is only at the concept stage, there are few details, the release date is also unknown.

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